Activist mom says NSBA letter likening concerned parents to domestic terrorists has ‘thrown gasoline’ on fire

By Chris Donaldson in BPR

The Biden administration is dealing with the fallout from a four-alarm dumpster fire that they ignited when the Justice Department responded to a letter calling for federal law enforcement to be unleashed on parents who show up at school board meetings to protest against leftist indoctrination of their children.

In the letter sent to President Joe Biden by the National School Boards Association (NSBA), the group responded to the growing revolt against critical race theory as well as forced masking in classrooms by urging him to treat angry parents in a manner consistent with domestic terrorists and suggested that the PATRIOT Act be used against moms and dads who demand accountability from the elected school boards.

The letter resulted in a memo from Attorney General Merrick Garland directing the FBI to intervene, a highly controversial move that resulted in immediate backlash from parents who refused to be intimidated by an increasingly authoritarian government that has been weaponized against political adversaries of the ruling Democratic party.”President Joe Biden Is Deeply Unpopular; We’re Talking “New Coke” Level Of Approval”PauseNext video0:55 / 23:18VoltaxFull-screen

Things boomeranged so badly on the White House, that the NSBA issued an apology for the letter to Biden which singled out the father of the victim of a savage rape in a Virginia school restroom as an example of domestic extremism when he was arrested after showing up at a school board meeting to express the outrage over what happened to his daughter.

BREAKING: NSBA apologizes for letter that served as basis for @TheJusticeDept AG #Garland’s directive for FBI to target parents as “domestic terrorists,” including #LoudounScandal outrageously labeling dad of rape victim as poster-boy of domestic terrorism. Will the AG reverse?

— Chip Roy (@chiproytx) October 23, 2021

The apology comes as parents are becoming increasingly aware of the magnitude of the teaching of the poisonous ideology of critical race theory and are fighting back with intensifying ferocity, especially after Garland’s memo that put targets on their backs which according to one prominent conservative education activist was the equivalent of throwing gasoline on a fire.

Laura Zorc, who is the director of education reform at the parent’s advocacy group Building Education for Students Together (BEST) spoke with Fox News and expressed doubts as to the sincerity of the NSBA’s apology.

“It’s really disingenuous, it’s a little too late for that,” she said of the letter. “It’s almost as if it’s a forced apology.”

She said that the letter was “an apology to their membership, it’s not an apology to the parents it needs to be going to.”

Zorc also said that the Justice Department’s initial response to the NSBA has energized parents.

“The toothpaste is already out of the tube, you can’t put it back in after doing something like this,” she said of the Biden administration’s memo. “How do you take all that back and make parents feel safe and secure?” She asked.

“For them to call these parents domestic terrorists, I was appalled. These parents have done nothing but go to school board meetings, sign up for their three minutes, and speak at the meeting.” Zorc told Fox News.

“COVID-19 was the great awaking for parents,” suggesting that remote learning was critical in exposing what was being taught in classrooms.

“I think the NSBA letter has thrown gasoline on this parent-led movement fire,” she said. “For the parents that were growing weary, I believe this move by the NSBA has pushed this movement to the next level.”

In another interview with Fox News, the former school board member responded to a question about the Virginia governor’s race, a state that has become a major battleground in the fight for parent’s rights and the rollback of the toxic teachings of critical race theory, saying that while education is a key issue in the Old Dominion, it is also the case nationwide.

She emphasized that in Virginia, the issue is not only critical race theory and COVID mask mandates but also student safety, a matter of great concern in the aftermath of the Loudoun County school board’s coverup of the restroom sexual assault of a girl by a transgender student.

Zorc has called for the dismantling of the NSBA which she says has used “extreme intimidation” to shut down the voices of parents.

The NSBA and the Biden administration have whacked a hornet’s nest and could be badly stung as a result.