BEST National School Board Advisory Council

Laura Zorc

BEST Executive Director

Dr. Karen Hiltz

BEST National School Board Advisor and Mentor, 2016-2019 Virginia School Board Member

Amy Carney

BEST National Advisor

Gail Hope

Pennsylvania School Board Director

Anniece Barker

Washington School Board Director

Evelyn Brooks

Texas State Board of Education

Angela Todd

North Carolina School Board Member

Mission Statement

Building Education for Students Together’s mission is to ignite a national parent-led movement by building, educating, and mobilizing the largest network of parent activists in the country to advocate for their children’s education through the election of school board members and the passage of policies that align with our vision of expanding education freedom.

Thanks so much for everything FreedomWorks does. Your voice, your work, is so essential right now, because as we both know, our fundamental freedoms are in real jeopardy.

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