Amy Carney: Weaponizing Words in the War for America’s Children

By Amy Carney for The Daily Caller

Education higher-ups, woke corporations and Democrat politicians are using words as their weapons in the culture war against parents and their children.

When parents voice their disdain for critical race theory (CRT), public school bureaucrats rebrand it as social-emotional learning (SEL). When moms and dads question SEL, the woke alliance relabels it “mental health.” When school officials say that they aren’t teaching the 1619 Project, it’s because they’ve signed up for online services that push the same ideas under a different name instead.

There is a rename game going strong in public school districts throughout America, and parents are calling it out for what it is: an attempt to push parents out of the classroom once and for all. Undercover journalists reportedly caught various Idaho school officials mocking parents’ concerns and fessing up to their rebranding tactics.

Nampa School District Instructional Coach Cindy Dion admitted on hidden camera her school’s attempt to circumvent parental concerns. “We’re just learning how to worm around all of those weird things that are out there,” voiced Ms. Dion. “Social-emotional learning – we can’t say that here anymore. We already had a big blow-up with that. So, it’s just our mental health curriculum now,” she said, according to the video.