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Can Virginia Democrats Win Back Suburban Moms?

Inflation is soaring, Joe Biden’s approval ratings are down, and the White House’s economic agenda is stalled. Against that backdrop, vulnerable House Democrats across the country are steeling themselves for tough reelection battles in 2022.

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Parents Are Fed Up With School Boards Bowing Down to Teachers Union Politics

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans have witnessed how traditional public schools are failing our children. In states that embraced failed lockdowns and school closures, many public school students were forbidden from receiving an in-person education for a year or more. And even as many public schools reopen, unscientific quarantine guidelines continue to deprive countless students of the quality education they deserve.

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The Education Industry’s Socialist March

The Progressive Left figured out long ago that if they can control the education of children, then they can build a national acceptance of a socialistic, big government country. The key to this acceptance, they found, is controlling the curricula used in public schools.

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