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ZORC: Biden’s Flawed Critical Race Theory Agenda Is Bad For Children And Bad For America

The Biden administration has made it clear it wants to expand the regulatory state and double down on government involvement in all areas of American life.

One of those areas that deserves more attention is education. Recently, the Department of Education issued a proposal that specifies two curriculum priorities for schools applying for grants through federal American History and Civics Education programs.

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FreedomWorks Foundation Submits Comments Opposing Critical Race Theory in Schools

Today, FreedomWorks Foundation submitted a formal comment opposing a proposed rule by the Department of Education that would incentivize and provide funding for the teaching of critical race theory in America’s schools. The proposed rule would retarget existing priorities for American History and Civics Education programs to require schools seeking federal grants to teach critical race theory.

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FreedomWorks Foundation Pushes Back Against Critical Race Theory in Schools

This month, FreedomWorks Foundation’s Regulatory Action Center and Building Education for Students Together (BEST) initiative have joined forces to push back against federal control of civics education. In a new proposed rule by the Department of Education (ED), the Biden administration is seeking to add new strings to educational grants that would require public schools to teach radical and contentious curriculum like critical race theory (CRT).

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Gwinnett school board cancels voices they don’t want to hear

If you were attending or listening to the school board meeting last Thursday, April 15, you may have heard the fireworks going on in the background. Chairman Everton Blair had to stop the meeting so that people could be removed from the room. These meetings have been heated with disruptions as of late due to cancel culture. A motion has been on the agenda for two months to limit our voices, but it has been tabled due to public outcry. People are being turned away from speaking. You only have to watch the meeting on their webpage to see that the proof is in the pudding.

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Stanley Kurtz: How to Keep CRT and Action Civics Out of K-12

The new Biden rule favoring education grants that push Critical Race Theory is a disaster for this country. Put that new rule together with the massive federal Civics Secures Democracy Act that pushes both leftist “action civics” and Critical Race Theory, and K–12 education in America will be transformed beyond recognition. Once the radicals in Biden’s Education Department get $6 billion worth of grants from the Civics Secures Democracy Act to play with, they will force mandatory political protests (action civics) and cures for “whiteness,” “Euro-centrism,” etc. (Critical Race Theory) on virtually every state and school district in the nation.

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Children walking the halls of an elementary school pre Covid

A Mother’s Journey Through Arizona’s K-12 School System

I am a busy mom of 4 wonderful children and a wife of a hard working husband. I had the best memories of watching each of my children experience their 1st year of school in the Peoria Unified School District (PUSD). Their teachers were kind, engaging and overall the same experience I had in PUSD growing up. My husband and I had the great memories at Frontier Elementary and Sunrise Mountain High School. Something in

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