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Loudoun County Public School Board Targets Parents as “the Opposition”

Loudoun County, Virginia School Board Member Beth Barts joins FreedomWorks Wall of Shame. The overtly despicable actions of a Loudoun County, VA elected official have united public school parents with demands for the removal of 6 of 9 school board members In Loudoun County. By way of a Facebook group, Beth Barts has encouraged teachers to post the personal information of students’ parents who oppose the inclusion of Critical Race Theory in Loudoun County Public

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ZORC: Biden’s School ‘Reopening’ Blueprint Is An Unscientific Mess

Parents across America are rightfully expressing their outrage at the Biden’s administration’s latest guidance regarding school reopenings. The president’s unrealistic list of requirements for sending students back to the classroom were heavily influenced by teachers unions rather than science, even as studies have established that schools aren’t “super-spreaders” of COVID-19.

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Lois Kaneshiki: We Can Do Better With School Choice

The majority of Americans believe it is immoral to force children into schools as a function of their street address. Sure, some families can afford to send their kids to private schools. These families have real options if they are willing to pay for education twice: once through their taxes and a second time through voluntary, additional tuition payments.

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