BEST Dad of the Month (August) – Michael Rudnick

By BEST Staff

FreedomWorks’ BEST team proudly recognizes Michael Rudnick of Gwinnett County, Georgia as the BEST Dad of the month for his dedication to stand up for our most vulnerable children during the pandemic lockdowns and thereafter.

Michael and his wife Meg are always putting their son first- to the extreme that they relocated to Gwinnett County, Georgia to find a school that met their son’s needs. 

During the pandemic when the schools shut down in person learning Michael and Meg saw first hand the learning loss their son was experiencing.  Knowing that their son learns best in a classroom setting, Michael set out on a mission to be an advocate for all special needs students by pushing the School Board to reopen the schools. Once these efforts were successful he remained a regular at school board meetings to hold the board accountable for mask enforcement and selection of curriculum.  His next move rocked his local political party when he filed to run against the Republican incumbent in the 2022 school board election.  Michael, like many of us parents, are fed up with the system and the squishy school board members cowering down to the radical left.