BEST In Action

At the beginning of 2021 FreedomWorks announced the launch of the BEST program with a commitment to reforming our education system. By dedicating this program FreedomWorks has displayed our long term commitment to building parent coalitions to promote education freedom. Check out some of our other accomplishments since the launch below!

Highlights from National School Choice Week

During National School Choice Week BEST highlighted parents and school choice advocates to spread awareness about the importance of providing all students with access to quality education.

Equipping the Parent-led Coalition

Over the last year BEST has held national and state conferences with speakers and parents from across the country. These conferences inspired, educated, and equipped attendees with the skills necessary to move this parent-led coalition forward.

Parent Coalition Tour

With the help of our coalition partners BEST leadership is traveling across the country to individual communities educating activists about education freedom and how they can make a difference with groups in their area.

Upcoming Events