BEST Mom of the Month (February) – Amy Cawvey

FreedomWorks’ BEST team proudly recognizes Amy Cawvey of Lansing, Kansas as the BEST Mom of the Month for her tenacity in fighting for students’ and parents’ rights on her local school board and beyond.

Amy has always been involved with her three children’s education in schools around the country, as her husband served in the United States Air Force for 26 years. “My children have a big age gap, so I have seen public education change over the last 25 years. Because of this, I knew that change needed to happen,” said Cawvey. “Our children are being indoctrinated. Covid closings and protocols made me realize it was time to quit complaining and do something, so I decided to run for school board.”

Amy was elected to the Lansing USD 469 board in November 2021 and will serve until January 2026. She boldly campaigned with two other conservative candidates in a field of 13, and all three won, flipping the school board to a 4-3 majority now more reflective of their community.

“We didn’t hide our values, ran as pro-parental rights candidates, and won!”

Since being elected, Cawvey has been reversing Covid mandates such as masking and requiring that Covid leave was only paid to vaccinated employees, which didn’t allow staff and parents to make health decisions themselves. In addition, the Kansas legislature passed a Parents’ Bill of Rights only for it to be vetoed by the governor. But, Cawvey and her board colleagues took it on themselves with their home rule authority and passed a Parents Bill of Rights in their school district.

This Bill of Rights does not permit staff to keep secrets from parents. “We had a staff member advising others to keep preferred pronouns a secret from parents,” said Cawvey. “Now, if a child wants to use a different program, a 504 has to be filed in person with the district signed by the parents.”

Each month BEST will be recognizing moms and dads that are courageously standing up as the unsung heroes in the national parent led movement. Know someone who deserves to be recognized for their efforts? Reply to and let us know!