BEST Mom of the Month (December) – Heather Rooks

Arizona’s Heather Rooks is our BEST Mom of the Month for December for good reason. Not only was this powerhouse mom of four just elected to her local Peoria Unified School Board, but she has been a longstanding bold advocate for transparency and curriculum. She is not afraid to hold her district officials accountable and has been a staple at her local board meetings for several years.

“Running for the school board was a parent movement- not just about myself. I had many parents, community members, and school staff supporting me,” says Heather. “My goals as a Peoria School Board member are to focus on student academics, transparency, and supporting parental rights. In addition, I will continue to stand up for our children’s education and to hold the District accountable.” 

Heather and her campaign running mate, Devon Updegraff- Day partnered to start a non-profit group- West Valley Parents Uniting- to educate, empower and activate local parents and community members. Congratulations to Heather for standing up and being a much-needed voice for children and their education in Peoria, Arizona. Check out what she and her community are doing HERE.

Each month BEST will be recognizing moms and dads that are courageously standing up as the unsung heroes in the national parent led movement. Know someone who deserves to be recognized for their efforts? Reply to and let us know!