BEST Mom of the Month (October) – Mary Jo (MJ) Costello

By BEST Staff

FreedomWorks’ BEST team proudly recognizes Mary Jo (MJ) Costello of Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania as the BEST Mom of the Month for her relentless passion and leadership for fighting for conservative values in her community.

Pennsylvania Mom of two, MJ has attended two of our BEST fly-ins and has had both Laura and I out to speak to her amazing Team Red, White & Blue group. “It was right after January 6th that I was overcome with a calling to dive-in to help save America. This was the first time in my lifetime that I saw enough righteous anger among Americans to realize we may have a chance to reverse the disastrous state of affairs in our schools, (among many other things).” MJ assembled a small group of like-minded friends that quickly grew to many. 

The group of Pennsylvania accidental activists were overwhelmed with so many urgent areas in need of attention, and what was happening in their local school districts moved to the top of TeamRed’s priority list. Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, they searched for the ‘best’ resource for to help lead them in this area. “By the grace of God, I stumbled onto Laura Zorc at a Leadership Conference in Harrisburg and her FreedomWorks BEST program immediately became our go-to,” said MJ.  “Not only have Laura, Amy and the BEST team exceeded all expectations, but they have afforded us great time-efficiencies to learning, resources and action steps that we could have never accomplished without them.” 

Each month BEST will be recognizing moms and dads that are courageously standing up as the unsung heroes in the national parent led movement. Know someone who deserves to be recognized for their efforts? Reply to and let us know!