BEST Mom of the Month (September) – Jennifer Feucht

By BEST Staff

FreedomWorks’ BEST team proudly recognizes Jennifer Feucht of Columbus, Ohio as the BEST Mom of the Month for her tenacity in fighting for students and parents rights in her community.

After a hard-fought fight in her run for school board last November, Jennifer Feucht regrouped after her loss and, along with a group of her campaign supporters, created an organization called Olentangy for Educational Integrity to better serve their community.

“Like many parents throughout the country, we have legitimate concerns regarding the academic integrity of our classrooms, violations against parental rights, and safeguarding our children from Social Emotional Learning agendas that may not align with every family’s values and beliefs,” says Jennifer.

This mom of two has been highly involved in the community, volunteering on the PTO,  as a Scout Leader, and Sunday School teacher. Jennifer and several other moms also proactively got themselves elected to their county Republican Central Committee seats and are now working to recruit and screen school board candidates for the four school districts within our county.Be sure to check out the fantastic work that Jennifer and her counterparts are doing at We sure can learn a lot and be inspired by this formidable group of parents in Ohio!

Each month BEST will be recognizing moms and dads that are courageously standing up as the unsung heroes in the national parent led movement. Know someone who deserves to be recognized for their efforts? Reply to and let us know!