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My grandfather delivered a Higgins boat full of soldiers to shore on D-Day, June 6, 1944. Bullets flying, men dying, waves splashing – was he doing this on behalf of a country founded on slavery, racism and oppression?

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Parents’ Plea to Elected Officials in Florida: Stop CRT Now

In Florida, we have a well-intentioned Governor who has said that he doesn’t want Critical Race Theory (CRT) taught to our kids. We have a State Board of Education that has enjoyed the spotlight for voting to stop CRT from making its way into the classrooms. Parents are told that the Governor’s office is going to play whack-a-mole with the school districts that try to implement CRT.

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Is DeSantis behind the Curve on Protest Civics?

Florida governor Ron DeSantis is rightly seen as a conservative politician with a flair for leadership and a bright future. DeSantis has been out in front on a wide variety of issues; education very much included. DeSantis recently moved against critical race theory (CRT) in Florida’s schools, for example, and this week he signed bills into law that would, among other things, protect campus free speech and create a K–12 curriculum that contrasts the blessings of liberty with the record of totalitarian regimes. DeSantis deserves praise for all this, but there may be a fly in the ointment.

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Richard: Money ought not to talk at Scottsdale Unified

If you live in Scottsdale’s middle class, you find a school board that does not listen. You find your concerns ignored. Asking for transparency is likened to committing war crimes.

How many times have I asked questions and received zero replies? Too many times! How dare I try to get answers!

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