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How Parents are Leading School Board Revolutions Across America

While the “Red Wave” was never fully realized, school board election results marked a shift in local elections and touched the country’s pulse. In an opinion piece for Fox News, Director of Education Reform for FreedomWorks Laura Zorc talks about the gains made across the country for BEST and its role in setting the groundwork for future school board elections.

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Biden Admin Education Panel Stacked with Critical Race Theory-supporting Activists, GOP Senators Say

While parents’ rights organizations continue to raise concerns about their children’s education and make gains across the country through school board elections, the Biden Administration ignores their demands for action. In their most recent failure, they formed an educational panel filled with political activists rather than including one of the most influential voices in a child’s life, parents.

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Parents, We Must Fight the Radical Left’s Conditioning of Our Kids

Following the 2022 Midterm Election, people tried to explain the disappointing results in much of the country. BEST Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs Quisha King illuminates the more significant systemic problem in public education. She believes a major takeaway from this election was the influence of Gen Z, a group radicalized by teachers and the public education system. In this opinion piece, she argues that parents should actively participate in their child’s education and turn away from the liberal weapon that is the public education system.

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Why are Our Students Failing?

With statistics surrounding education falling and the woke policies spreading across public schools, parents want answers to why this trend has occurred. In an opinion piece for Townhall, Tamra Farah answers this question and outlines the case for complex issues within the education system.

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Schools Use ‘Equity’ as Trojan Horse for Toxic Critical Race Theory

The term equity has taken on a new meaning within the public school system. Instead of promoting equal opportunity, schools are stretching the definition to encompass CRT or Critical Race Theory. In her opinion piece from 2021, Tamra Farah delves deeper and seeks to find answers as to why equity has evolved into CRT through deceptive tactics by the Left. She delves into how this new strategy is in full force in states like Virginia, Wisconsin, and Oregon.

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How Conservatives Can Lead on K-12

After the lockdowns of 2020, America’s schools face tall tasks and challenges from critiques. Students are falling behind in their studies and scoring lower on standardized testing, while the problems before the pandemic have only grown. Frederick Hess diagnoses the current state of education and how conservatives can finally take the lead on K-12 education and promote a better system.

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