Focus Areas

Parent-led Coalitions

Parents are the only force large enough to impact our education system in the long term. BEST will build and empower state specific parent-led coalitions to realize this reform. These coalitions will engage in local and state policy issues to enhance parent’s rights and create opportunities for their children.

Education Freedom

Competition breeds excellence, but teacher unions are determined to protect the government education system’s status quo. It is essential to give parents a choice to determine the best learning environment for their child. This choice is achieved by ensuring that the funding follows the students, whether they attend private school, homeschool, charter schools, or public schools. BEST will continue to work state by state to introduce legislation that protects parental rights while expanding education freedom and opportunities beyond the public school system. Over the years, we’ve seen parents and students around the country forced into underperforming school districts with no room for alternatives. Each student brings unique capabilities and learning styles into the classroom, and the current one-size-fits-all approach leaves them underserved. We must protect and promote education freedom to provide students with greater opportunities.

Anti-American Content

Critical Race Theory, The 1619 project, and Common Core standards have paved the way for biased, anti-American, subjective curricula. With a decline in students’ reading on grade level and increased high school dropout rates, it is more important than ever to get back to teaching the basics and spend less time socially engineering children with vicious, destructive propaganda. We must counter the anti-America narrative by regaining local control of the curriculum through parent involvement, legislative action, transparent textbook and content adoption, and the election of high-quality school board members, district by district.


Parents have been ignored long enough. To transform local school systems across the country, we must identify and elect like-minded board members. It is all our responsibility to elect individuals who have our children’s best interests at heart. BEST is actively engaged in recruiting, training, and educating the community about local school board candidates who understand that parents are the final authority in their children’s education.