FreedomWorks Celebrates VA Senate’s Move to Open Public-School Enrollment

By Laura Zorc for FW Press Release

Washington D.C. – Virginia’s senate recently introduced a bill that would offer additional choice to families by expanding open enrollment for Virginia public schools. In response to this first step towards educational freedom in the Commonwealth of Virginia, FreedomWorks’ Vice President of Programs, Laura Zorc, commented:

“FreedomWorks congratulates the Virginia Senate for being one of the first of 2024 to introduce legislation to expand choice for families in the Commonwealth. This bill, sponsored by Senator Mark Peake, would allow open enrollment for all Virginia public schools, creating a lottery system for families applying to schools at capacity.”

“This legislation begins the process of introducing choice and market pressures into education. Overall, this bill is a strong step in the right direction. This choice will empower parents to abandon failing schools, which will force underperforming school districts to address these issues.

“This bill also prepares the residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia to view education as a service and to pick the schools that fit their needs, freeing them from the tyranny of their zip code. This bill builds a foundation for expanded school choice opportunities in the future. FreedomWorks will monitor the progress of this legislation.”