Parents Know Best – Parents rally as Fairfax school board punts controversial vote on changes to sex-ed classes

“Parents said Fairfax schools should instead be focused on academic excellence.”

By Cortney O’Brien, Andrew Kugle with Fox News

The Fairfax school board is considering changing the FLE classes in the name of equity, including largely eliminating separate gender classes. The recommendation, from the school board sex-ed committee, would mix boys and girls in 4th through 8th grade for all discussions of puberty, sexually transmitted diseases, and the human reproductive system. The board will also consider increasing penalties against students for “malicious misgendering” “deadnaming” their peers. “Deadnaming” is a word used to describe the act of referring to someone by a name they used prior to transitioning. 

“Too far, too much, too young,” was Fairfax County parent Jeff’s mantra. And his fellow parents in attendance roundly agreed. 

“I asked my son this morning what he was going to learn,” Jeff told Fox News Digital at a rally ahead of the school board meeting. “He said, ‘math, science, language arts, writing. And he said, ’oh, science.’ That’s what we want to hear, right? We don’t want to hear, ‘I got punished today because I called somebody by the wrong pronoun. Or what this regulation identifies as ‘malicious misgendering.’”  

Elizabeth McCauley of the Virginia Mavens was concerned the administrators seemed to be prioritizing progressive agenda items at a time when Virginia schools are falling behind. Recent reports have found that, in the state of Virginia, only 33 percent of eighth graders and 38 percent of fourth graders are proficient in reading.

“I think just the basic of saying what is falsehood is true,” McCauley told Fox Digital, “Boys are boys and girls are girls. And God has uniquely designed each individual the way they are. And starting at a very young age and preying upon young children. Grooming young children. Having pornographic, pedophilia literature in schools. That’s very problematic. And also doing that and focusing so much effort on that, when kids are falling behind in academics.”  

McCauley blasted the materials she said children were being exposed to in classrooms.

“Also, I think the Family Life Education course, it’s so important for parents to have to opt-in versus opt-out,” she said. “That’s absolutely key. Especially when they’re expanding upon information that students are hearing here at school, but you would never even dream of mentioning in an adult working environment. Some of the things that kids are being told in school or even literature that they’re receiving in school, is, if you sold it on the street, or you had it on the street, you’d be criminalized for it.” 

McCauley spared no hesitation when asked why she thought the Fairfax school board pushed the FLE vote to June.

“They’re afraid because hey, I’m a mother bear,” McCauley said, pointing to her t-shirt that read, “Beware the Mama Bear.” “Beware the mother bears. Mother bears and Papa bears are coming out because we care about the future of our country. We care about our children.”

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