‘It Was Our Happy Place’: Families Cancel Disney Trips, Abandon Disney Plus Over Company’s Woke Ideology

By Mary Margaret Olohan in The Daily Wire

Laura Zorc, executive director of Building Education for Students Together, mother to four children and grandmother of four more, told The Daily Wire that she alternates taking her kids and grandkids to Disney World every year.

But this year they bought Florida resident passes for SeaWorld instead — and canceled their Disney+ subscription.

“We have been going to Disney since the kids have been in strollers,” she explained. “We had my daughter Abby’s first birthday at Disney at a character dinner. We had my 29-year-old’s 5th birthday at a character breakfast at Magic Kingdom.”

“Disney has been a part of our family,” she said. “This is a hard transition. It’s like giving up one of your favorite things, like giving up coffee. We enjoyed it, but we have to look at the big picture here.”

As a corporation, Zorc believes Disney has the right to go in any direction they want.

“That’s the beauty of America,” she said. “But we as customers also have the option not to patronize their establishment if it goes against our values and our beliefs.”