Mama Bears vs. Drag Queens in Schools

By Tamra Farah for The Washington Times


Having drag queens in schools is difficult to reconcile. There appears to be no logical rationale for trans men to dress up as seductresses and perform lewd acts in front of children in libraries and classrooms. I am not speaking to private settings here, but rather your child’s school learning environment, paid for with your tax dollars, being devoted for any amount of time to this activity. Yet these shenanigans are being organized by educators around the country, like a recent drag queen story hour in a first grade classroom in Philadelphia.

This year, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel advocated that every school in the state have drag queens. A mother pointed out in response that drag is adult entertainment, like a male revue where men strip-dance, or a gentlemen’s club where women strip-dance. And this in school?

As a young mother, I found it instinctive to nurture and train my children; to aid them in their development with exposure to what was good, right, just and proper, and protect them from harm. According to Abigail Tucker, author of “Mom Genes,” this transformation of a woman who becomes a mom is involuntary as her “inner lioness” is activated.  A mother’s fight-or-flight instinct is heightened as she rises to protect her child at all costs. Apparently, Ms. Nessel — who has two kids — doesn’t have that.

In his opening salvo after being sworn in as speaker of the Florida House, Rep. Paul Renner said: “Ideologues … have pushed indoctrination at the expense of education. They spend more time defending drag queen story time than actually promoting phonics and the science of reading. In this election, moms and dads clearly told these ideologues: ‘Our children are not your social experiment.’”

He’s right on target with the mama bears we have seen and heard as they took to school board meeting lecterns across America to fight to remove sexualized material from their child’s classrooms. And according to a recent Rasmussen poll, 69% of parents oppose sexually explicit books being present in high school libraries, 79% oppose them in middle school libraries and 85% oppose them in elementary school libraries. It’s not a big leap to assume they oppose drag queens at story hour.

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