On the One Year anniversary of School Lockdowns, Parents Are Pushing Back Against the Hypocrisy.

As the United States approaches the one-year anniversary of COVID-19 lockdowns being imposed across the nation, Democrats and their allies in the teachers unions continue to falsely claim that schools can’t be reopened safely. Thankfully, millions of parents on both sides of the political spectrum are beginning to see through these lies.

With the hypocrisy of Democrats and their union buddies becoming more obvious by the day, parents are starting to rise up against the bullying of teachers unions and administrators who have ignored the science and fought to keep schools closed.

Recently, a growing number of parents have resolved to expose these hypocrites for using the pandemic as a bogus justification to keep kids from learning in a safe environment, all while they continue to collect their paychecks. While they gallivant around the country on vacation, millions of American students are being left out in the cold.

Just this week, the United Teachers Los Angeles Internal Members Facebook group was called out by local journalists after teachers were warned in a post to stay off social media during spring break.

A message sent to the group’s nearly 6,000 members read: “If you are planning any trips for Spring Break, please keep that off Social Media. It is hard to argue that it is unsafe for in-person instruction, if parents and the public see vacation photos and international travel.” Other union members quickly voiced their agreement with the message. The contempt towards our nation’s students expressed in this Facebook post — an admission that many teachers are only feigning fear of returning to school — is stunning.

Despite this sickening revelation, there is a silver lining. The fact that someone within the group itself leaked these messages shows that there is increasing opposition to the unscientific, leftist agenda of the teachers unions, even within their own ranks. Without a chorus of parents declaring that they have had enough of school closures, teachers unions would continue to escape accountability for their lies.

The hypocrisy doesn’t end with these social media posts. Matt Meyer, the president of Berkeley Federation of Teachers, was caught by a group of parents walking his child into a private school last week, after insisting for months that schools should remain closed due to the pandemic.

Union elites aren’t the only ones defying their own decrees in broad daylight — it’s school administrators as well. Superintendent of Alexandria City Public Schools Gregory Hutchings when quietly pulled his child out of his school district to place them in a private in-person learning environment.

While leftist bureaucrats like Meyer and Hutchings can afford to send their kids to an open private school, most parents can’t. If in-person learning is safe enough for the children of union leaders and administrators, why isn’t it safe enough for the rest of the families in their districts?

These leftist frauds know that American parents see through their empty talking points. It’s becoming clear that if parents continue to hold teachers unions and administrators accountable, school closures will soon come to an end.

Laura Zorc is FreedomWorks’ director of education reform. 

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