Over 50 school board recalls in the last six months as parents fight for change

WASHINGTON (SBG) – Parents are charging ahead with efforts to recall school board members across the country, changing what their kids are taught at the local level. Disgruntled parents across the country are cramming into school board meetings challenging board members on mask mandates and curriculums around race. But the next big battle could be at the ballot box.

Freedomworks, an organization founded to fight liberty that has support from Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, has started an academy to teach parents how to win school board seats.

“If they are not listening and they are not respecting you, then it’s time for parents to run the school board,” said Laura Zorc, the Director of Education Reform for Freedomworks.

Zorc launched the “Best Academy” this year, an online course teaching parents how to run for the school board.

“It’s a six-week training, all the way from roles and responsibilities of a school board member, what is the job of a superintendent and how to win a campaign,” said Zorc.

This academy sprang up as school board recall efforts across the country are heating up. In the first six months of the year, there were 50 local recall efforts of K-12 school boards, targeting more than 130 elected leaders. One of the most contentious recall efforts is in Loudoun County, Virginia.

Ian Prior, a Loudoun County parent and Executive Director of FightforSchools.com spoke to The National Desk last month about the recall effort.

“I don’t know that anything has been tried like this, where we are actually going after six school board members as opposed to one or two, and I think what this would show is that parents can take back their school boards,” said Prior.

An army of parents is preparing to take over their school boards, with Zorc saying roughly 244 people are enrolled for the best academy from states across the country.

“Now we are seeing a lot from Arizona, Texas, Georgia, and Floridians that are joining up in the training,” said Zorc.