Parents, We Must Fight the Radical Left’s Conditioning of Our Kids

By Quisha King via The Florida Standard

On Tuesday, November 8th, parents were on the edge of their seats, waiting for the midterm election outcomes. Leading up to Election Day, they had been at school board meetings, they had emailed and called legislators to ask what they would do about the pathetic state of traditional public schools. 

Meanwhile, teachers’ unions and special interest groups continue to expose our children to age-inappropriate materials. But while we ended up scoring some victories this past cycle–let’s be clear, we have some great success stories – but parents must continue to fight back against public school administrators and regain control over our children’s education.


Many parents were expecting sweeping wins in the House and the Senate. Republicans now hold the House by a slim majority, and we certainly won big in Florida, but the results we wanted were not entirely realized. Most worrisome, the demographic which halted the possibility of massive legislative changes to the public school system was none other than Gen Z.

We’ve heard for years that young people rarely get out to vote. However, Gen Z has been breaking that rule since 2016. This eager group of young Americans range in voting age from 18 to 25. They are fully radicalized activists, and they are turning out big for Democrats, particularly Progressive Democrats.  

Jonathan M. Tisch from College of Civic Life at Tufts reports that 27 percent of young people (ages 18 to 29) turned out this past election. Their engagement proves that they are still engaged, even as many have tuned out due to their disillusionment with today’s politics. 


While I am happy to see young people engaged in their right to vote, the subject and manner on which they are being taught is concerning. Action Civics is the umbrella curriculum that is teaching children as early as middle school how to agitate and protest.  

Pete Bailey from says “Action civics is not limited to protesting. More and more teachers are finding ways to organize their students around issues they care about and then giving them the space to take action by contacting their representatives, submitting opinion pieces for a local newspaper, and of course, voting!”  


The traditional public school system has turned into a Community Organizing manufacturing machine. I spoke to Aaron Alexander, a former BLM activist, who began being radicalized from junior high until his 11th grade year in high school.  He recalls instances where teachers encouraged and even got students to participate in a protest for teachers’ unions. One of Alexander’s teachers, Bryan Proffitt, is a member of the People’s Durham,which is a socialist organization connected to the Freedom Road Socialists Organization (also called Liberation Road) – a U.S. Marxist-Leninist group. 

Alexander recounts one of Proffitt’s events where the children participated in a teachers’ union protest and were told to wear red shirts and gather in front of the school to protest for teacher pay increase. Proffitt and other teachers also allowed the children to use their classrooms to organize BLM protests during school hours.


The 2022 midterm cycle are fruits of a generation of children who are radicalized and activated by teachers like Proffitt pushing a socialist agenda all while your tax dollars are paying for it through the public school system. 

We must understand how big and powerful this movement is. Their leaders are not just the five members of “The Squad.” The Progressive wing of the Democrat party consists of over 100 members of Congress.

Newly elected Gen Z-er Maxwell Frost is the newest Progressive member of Congress in Florida’s House District 10. Frost is the youngest Congressional member at just 25 years old. His bio says he’s been organizing for ten years, beginning his radical activism at age 15 protesting gun violence with BLM. It makes you wonder if that organizing was during school hours.  


Parents, we may be late to the game – but we can still win this!  We have to understand that when we see CRT, gender ideology or Action Civics, they are not being taught to broaden the children’s academic progress; they are being taught so that as soon as your child can vote they are fully indoctrinated to push the Progressive agenda.  That is why it is so important for us to have deep conversations with our children to dispel these radical ideas.  We also must continue to get our kids out of these toxic learning environments.  The data is clear: Kids are not getting an education where they can be competitive when they graduate.  And lowering the standards does not fix the problem, it enhances it.  

You are not helpless as a parent.  You can run for school board and lobby your legislators for pro-American legislation in their state.  If you need help getting started, check out Parent Power, a new site that organizes information on public school districts across the country.


Our children need to get into learning environments that can help them now, and education freedom for every child is the way.  When the money follows the child, it gives one more family a chance for their child to be successful.  This may be that first kid who attends college in the family, it may be that kid who decides to go right into the workplace.  Whatever they decide to do, their K-12 education is the foundation on which they can be confident will lead to more opportunity and more success. 

A once trusted public school system, now turned political machine, is indoctrinating our children, corrupting their education, and churning out generations of new radicals.

If we do not give children a stellar education where their highest skill isn’t walk-outs and sit-ins, the Revolutionary schooling of millions of American children will be reverberated in history for decades to come.  

Quisha King is a Duval County parent and Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs for Building Education for Students Together (BEST), a project of FreedomWorks.

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