Press Release: FreedomWorks Activists Highlight Charter and Magnet Schools

WASHINGTON, D.C. — To celebrate National School Choice Week and raise awareness of this critical issue, FreedomWorks is featuring activists’ stories about nontraditional education programs such as charter and magnet schools. On the merits of these two options, Laura Zorc, FreedomWorks Senior Advisor of Education Policy Reform and Parent Led Advocacy, commented:

“Charter and magnet schools allow more freedom to focus on specific areas of learning, such as STEM or the arts, making them two excellent alternatives to the traditional public school setting. When students are given the ability to learn things they are passionate about, they stay engaged and focused. The result is a more rewarding education experience for teachers, students, and parents.

“There is the popular misconception that these schools ‘take money away’ from the public school system and that because of this, they are harmful. But in reality, magnet and charter schools are innovative, more cost-effective options meant not to tear down public schools, but to give kids the chance to attend a school more properly suited to their unique circumstances and needs.”

Highlighting Families that Choose to go to Magnet and Charter Schools: