Press Release: FreedomWorks BEST Cross Country Tour Continues

WASHINGTON, D.C. — FreedomWorks’ nationwide BEST (Building Education for Students Together) tour, a national parent-led education movement to expand education freedom and empower parents to get more involved in their children’s education, continues this week. After a successful national event in Nashville last month, BEST has travelled across the country to continue supporting, educating, and, most importantly, bringing together parents and other groups who wish to see a positive change in our nation’s education system.

Laura Zorc, FreedomWorks Director of Education Reform, commented:

“The goal of BEST is to unite coalitions of parents from across the country to fight for our children. Parents are the only force strong enough to stand up to teachers unions, fully reopen schools, and ensure that their children have the best education possible.

“Parents should be the final authority on their children’s education. This grassroots movement is about reminding teachers unions and power hungry bureaucrats that the behavior they’ve exhibited throughout the lockdowns will no longer be tolerated. BEST plans to train and recruit parents to be advocates and run for school board positions in their local communities so that they can be changemakers, reject anti-American curricula and critical race theory, and take a definitive stand against a school system that continually chooses to put politics ahead of the needs of children.”