Press Release: FreedomWorks Statement in Response to Comments by California Elementary School District Board

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In response to the resignation of members of the Oakley Union Elementary School District Board of Trustees following disparaging comments about parents in their school district, Laura Zorc, FreedomWorks Director of Education Reform, commented:

“The thought-to-be behind the scenes comments by the Oakley Union Elementary School District Board of Trustees are reprehensible and indicative of a culture of dismissiveness and contempt for hard-working parents who merely want the best education for their children. Unfortunately, it is safe to say that this attitude is not uncommon; in fact, it is pervasive across the country.

“After nearly a year of remote learning, America’s kids deserve far better. They deserve the opportunity to rejoin their peers, in-person. The CDC has made clear on multiple occasions that children are least at risk for contracting and spreading COVID-19, and that schools should be reopened, lest students, particularly from disadvantaged and underprivileged backgrounds, fall further behind.”