School Board Candidates

School Board Candidate Referrals

Parents have been ignored long enough. In order to transform the local school system, we must get serious about electing like-minded board members. BEST is actively engaged in recruiting, training, and supporting local school board candidates to give power back to the parents and community members that they were elected to serve.

BEST Handbook

A summation of BEST’s goals to accomplish our mission include: opening our schools, expanding educational freedom, replacing anti-American curricula, building parent coalitions, and electing school board members who will not pander to teacher unions and special interest groups.

ABCs of Hosting a School Board Candidates Forum

Outlined in this guide is a sample candidate forum format and sample questions to consider while creating a set of questions that suits your audience. These forums can be hosted on Zoom or at a venue.

BEST Candidate Academy

During this training, candidates will learn the roles and responsibilities of a school board member, School Board District specifics, Structure of local government, and the Characteristics of Effective School Boards