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Biden Admin Education Panel Stacked with Critical Race Theory-supporting Activists, GOP Senators Say

While parents’ rights organizations continue to raise concerns about their children’s education and make gains across the country through school board elections, the Biden Administration ignores their demands for action. In their most recent failure, they formed an educational panel filled with political activists rather than including one of the most influential voices in a child’s life, parents.

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Schools Use ‘Equity’ as Trojan Horse for Toxic Critical Race Theory

The term equity has taken on a new meaning within the public school system. Instead of promoting equal opportunity, schools are stretching the definition to encompass CRT or Critical Race Theory. In her opinion piece from 2021, Tamra Farah delves deeper and seeks to find answers as to why equity has evolved into CRT through deceptive tactics by the Left. She delves into how this new strategy is in full force in states like Virginia, Wisconsin, and Oregon.

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