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Karen Hiltz: Florida’s Education Freedom: Is it a Mirage?

By Karen Hiltz Looking at states that offer school choice options,‭ ‬Florida is a state that has legislated several programs.‭ ‬However,‭ ‬do these programs provide benefits for all families and children‭? ‬The quick answer is‭ ‬no because legislated programs are always targeted towards specific populations while interjecting limited or minimal dollars. Florida Options Families in Florida are better off than in most states when it comes to school choice options.‭ ‬Like all other states,‭ ‬parents can

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School Choice: What We Have isn’t the BEST for ALL Children

By Dr. Karen Hiltz As with most issues people are either for or against, and school choice is no different. Regardless of where one stands though, the question is “Do states really offer school choice?” Ponder that for a minute by considering the various programs states currently offer. What are the Choices? First, let’s be factual. School choice actually consists of just three options: public, private, and homeschool. Legislated programs such as charters, scholarships, vouchers, tax

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