Wall of Shame – Idaho School Officials Play the Rename Game to Gaslight Concerned Parents

By Amy Carney

Superintendents, district administrators, and school board members across the country are attempting to gaslight parents by purposely relabeling their indoctrination to better fly under the radar.

When parents voice their disdain for Critical Race Theory, public school bureaucrats rebrand it as Social Emotional Learning (SEL). When moms and dads ask questions about SEL, they relabel it “mental health”. When school officials say they aren’t teaching the 1619 Project, they sign up for online services that push the same ideas into the classroom instead.

The rename game is going strong in public school districts throughout America to avoid parental oversight over their K-12 students’ education. Undercover journalists recently caught various Idaho school officials mocking parents’ concerns and fessing up to their rebranding tactics.

Nampa School District Instructional Coach Cindy Dion admitted their attempt to circumvent parental concerns in her district. “We’re just learning how to worm around all of those weird things that are out there,” voiced Ms. Dion. “Social-Emotional Learning- we can’t say that here anymore. We already had a big blow-up with that. So, it’s just our mental health curriculum now.”

Newsela is one of the sources Ms. Dion’s district uses to teach similar aspects of the 1619 Project without admitting that they are using the concepts of the banned curriculum in the classrooms. Newsela is a content website that takes articles from publications such as The Washington Post and the Associated Press, rewrites them for five levels of reading, and publishes them online as supplementary teaching materials.

Ms. Dion also admitted that school officials are hiding things from parents and government officials as well. She mentioned that the lieutenant governor “did a big search for CRT everywhere and found zero” and coyly said, “I’ll just tell her about the adopted stuff, not all the extra stuff.”

Longtime educator and former elementary school principal Melissa Langan is the current Chief Academic Officer for Idaho’s Caldwell School District. Ms. Langan was caught on camera saying that renaming the controversial curricula in schools is nothing short of “brilliant” after her district’s Superintendent intentionally swapped the label of Social-Emotional Learning for Behavior Adaptations.

These Idaho public school leaders, and the ones like them around our nation, should begin putting their efforts into strengthening our students’ education instead of wasting time and energy figuring out their next relabeling move.

Education bureaucrats across the country have proven that they will keep pushing divisive ideologies and political propaganda – even if it’s illegal. This widespread deception of the rename game is precisely why we need to pass academic transparency legislation across our country, so parents don’t have to worry and wonder what the next label will be covering up. 

Accuracy in Media video https://youtu.be/jtDxl9f3QsQ